A Crown land reserve is public land that has been set aside for the enjoyment and benefit of the people of Victoria.

Crown land reserves support a variety of amenities and uses including caravan and camping parks. There are approximately 175 caravan and camping parks on Crown land in Victoria. These parks provide the community with low cost recreational opportunities and the chance to relax amid some of Victoria's most beautiful natural attractions.

While Crown land parks provide many benefits to the community, there are also numerous challenges faced by park managers - many parks are located in environmentally sensitive areas and are facing increasing demand as our population grows.

Best Practice Management Guidelines

The Best Practice Management Guidelines for Committees of Management: Managing Caravan and Camping Parks on Crown Land have been developed to help Committees of Management plan for the future.

Crown land caravan and camping parks are generally operated under a private lease arrangement, or in some cases, directly by the Committee of Management. Committees of Management are responsible for managing the land on behalf of the government, often on a volunteer basis.

The guidelines aim to assist Committees of Management and park managers to manage Crown land caravan parks according to best practice.

Best Practice Management Guidelines  (PDF, 1.4 MB)
Best Practice Management Guidelines (DOC, 882.0 KB)

Improving Equity of Access to Crown Land Caravan Parks

In July 2011, the policy statement Improving Equity of Access to Crown Land Caravan and Camping Parks 2011 was released.

The policy seeks to be inclusive ensuring that affordable holidays on Crown land are available to as many people as possible.

To enable this, Committees of Management (CoM) and park managers need to ensure a minimum 10 per cent turnover of each type of site to new users each year or peak season. This is not required however, if there is a 10 per cent vacancy rate as the park will have sufficient capacity to accommodate new users.

On-site sales of registrable caravans in Crown land caravan parks are allowed in specified circumstances.

The policy does not apply to caravan and camping parks in national parks, on private land, on council-owned land, or to caravan and camping parks outside of Victoria.

Improving Equity of Access to Crown Land Caravan Parks 2011 (PDF, 328.0 KB)
Improving Equity of Access to Crown Land Caravan Parks 2011 (DOC, 83.5 KB)

Moveable Dwellings Permitted in Crown Land Caravan Parks

The below fact sheet explains the types and condition of movable or mobile dwellings that are compliant with policy and permitted in Crown land caravan parks.

Crown land caravan parks fact sheet (PDF, 23.4 KB)

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