Forest management plans were developed in the 1990s and early 2000s with experts from forestry, botany, wildlife biology, catchment management, water resources, cultural heritage and recreation planning, in consultation with the public. Forest management zones within the plans are updated regularly as more accurate and current data becomes available.

Information on the uses and values of the forest (including natural, cultural, social, resource and economic) informs the planning process. The management plans are also based on the biological, social and cultural data present in the Comprehensive Regional Assessments (CRA) and in the Statements of Resources, Uses and Values. Victoria's forest management plans include:

  • Forest Management Plan for the East Gippsland Forest Management Area 1995
  • Forest Management Plan for the Midlands Forest Management Area 1996
  • East Gippsland Forest Management Plan Amendment 1997
  • Forest Management Plan for the Central Highlands 1998
  • Forest Management Plan for the North East 2001
  • Forest Management Plan for the Mid-Murray Forest Management Area 2002
  • Gippsland Forest Management Plan 2004
  • Bendigo Forest Management Plan 2008
  • Portland and Horsham Forests: Forests Management Plan 2010

Forest management zone maps are updated quarterly:

Victoria's Forest Management Areas

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