[On screen text: Andy Fyfe - Committees of Management & Volunteer, Akoonah Park, Berwick]

The grounds here, were originally set aside in 1951 as a showground, which was before then was council pound paddocks, various tips, all that stuff. So it was a really dilapidated area of Berwick that wasn't being used.

We employ about nine people here, so they're all very energetic and love the place as much as I do. The volunteers still are community people from all different parts of life, they feel part of a thing that's actually moving forward.

The place does grow on you and you tend to be part of it and it becomes part of you. And I just love being a volunteer here at Akoonah Park.

There's all sorts of people come here for just solice, you know, sit amongst the trees, have their lunch here, it's a park for all. And that's what we're trying to build.

Because the park has grown exponentially over the years, the solar goes to pay for all that sort of power that we need.

We did 100 panels here and then this new system came out through DELWP or DEECA as it is known now. The battery system plus some other 100 panels and that was put on the market sheds and at the moment is definitely helping with our costs

Solar was a no brainer, really, just to cover these incidentals because it's you know, it was $5,000 a month.

It's about the community always you know that the community needs power at some stage and that's where, you know, if we can help in getting that not costing us too much, that's a, that's always a benefit.

[On screen text - DEECA - Solar Public Buildings Program]

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