[On screen text: Bert Hallam - Committess of Management & Volunteer, Lake Lascelles/Corrong Hopetoun] Our group is kind of responsible for all the maintenance care management and finances required to keep this place operational for public use.

There's 12 on a committee, but we have got other volunteers that come down and help maintain it.

You know, we could get up to one hundred campers which could equate to two or three hundred people easy enough. So in a town of 500 people, definitely an asset to the community and the town.

Well, it was helped through the Yarriambiack Shire, they bought up an order to do an energy audit.

A consultant come up, looked at where our power problems were, you know, what were we using.

We were going through around thirteen and a half thousand dollars worth of power, a couple thousand dollars worth of gas. So they made recommendations on where could help lower the costs.

From that, that report, we got a grant through their public buildings solar program, it was a $22,000 grant, which, you know, allowed us to put this forward and put one kilowatt unit down on one of the buildings.

The projections were it could saves around $3,000 a year, which is if that's the case, that'd be great.

[On screen text - DEECA - Solar Public Buildings Program]

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