FPSP's databases and spatial datasets have been converted from GDA94/ MGA Zone 55 (EPSG: 28355) or GDA94/VICGRID (EPSG: 3111) to GDA2020/VICGRID (EPSG: 7899).

VICGRID is a Victorian (State-wide) projection using GDA2020 as the underlying datum, created for the needs of spatial data users with large regional interests in and beyond the state of Victoria.

The Forest Protection Survey Program (FPSP) dynamic table enables you to view observation results recorded in targeted Forest Protection Survey Program surveys. For detailed location information on each observation e.g. grid references, please use download function or visit the Victorian Biodiversity Atlas as all survey location data is submitted there. The information presented in this table will be updated fortnightly or as new data becomes available.

You can view instructions for using the survey results table.

Please note that some species data are restricted and records including location data such as easting, northings, coupe ID and observation date are not permitted to be displayed for those species. Observations of restricted species are represented on the Forest Information Portal as a 5-minute grid. Further information, including a list of species for whom data is restricted, is available in the Questions and Answers section under 'Sensitive Data' at Victorian Biodiversity Atlas.

For inquiries about the table, please email: fpsp.inquiries@delwp.vic.gov.au

ResultID Forest Management Area Regional Forest Agreement Area Coupe ID Survey Techniques Camera ID Observation Date Observation Record Count FPSP Targeted Observation Easting Observation Northing Observation Easting Observer Northing Observer Bearing Distance OGGridID

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