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It’s important you follow the current rules to ensure a COVIDSafe event.

Events in State forests

There are hundreds of commercial, community and recreational events held in State forests every year. We need to make sure that these events are held safely and meet regulations.

Who requires a permit?

Some events require a permit. Please contact DELWP’s Customer Service Centre to apply for or to check if you need an event permit.

We requires permits for events in State forest where one or more of the following apply:

  • The event involves 30 or more people and is:
    - a show or entertainment
    - a festival, fete or public meeting
    - a demonstration, training class or similar event
    - a car rally, fishing competition or other competitive event
    - a wedding or other ceremony
  • The event poses a risk to public safety or the site
  • An event fee is charged
  • The event involves constructions or marking a course, marquees or tents with floor area over 100m2, the use of stages, audio visual, fencing or more than five items of infrastructure (e.g. portable toilets).

What information do you need to apply for an event permit?

The event application form asks about:

  • the infrastructure and facilities your event will use
  • catering or entertainment and any required permits (e.g from local council, EPA)
  • your event risk management plan
  • environmental protection and managing noise
  • a traffic management plan, if your event will interfere with normal use of roads
  • a safety plan addressing communications, medical emergencies and evacuations, and a fire plan (for events held during the Fire Danger Period)
  • a contingency plan, if conditions require an event to be cancelled or rescheduled
  • a community engagement plan (for events likely to cause disruptions to the local community, other forest users and businesses)

When should I lodge my event application?

We require a minimum of eight weeks to process your event application.

Events of higher complexity and scale typically require 12 or more weeks to process.

These processing times start when we receive a fully compliant, complete application. Applications requiring further information will push out these processing times.

What event fees are payable

An event where the permit holder or beneficiary is a not-for-profit or charity. For example, an event organised by a school

  • Event fee: $0
  • Spectator fee: $0

Non-commercial events that revolve around an organised event or recreational activity. These are often competitions and are not for profit. For example, a mountain bike race or orienteering.

  • Event fee: $0
  • Spectator fee: $0

Events run in whole or part for profit, with event directors receiving payment. For example, a music event, fun runs, races with entry fees and prizes.

  • Event fee: $1.10 per person, per day
  • Spectator fee: $1.10 per spectator, per day
  • Supervision fee: $79.46 per staff member, per hour (or part thereof)
  • We will advise if your event requires supervision when we assess your application.

Is a bond required?

Usually no bond is required for events.

Where there is a risk that an event may cause damage to public land, you may need to pay a bond. These range from under $2,000 for lower risk events to more than $5,000 for higher risk events.

Page last updated: 06/05/22