Anglesea Futures is about understanding the community expectations, needs and ideas for the future of the Anglesea Region following the closure of Alcoa coal mine and power station.

Since 1961, a large area of Crown land behind Anglesea has been leased to Alcoa to operate a coal mine and power station. In August 2015, the mine and power station ceased operation. This marked the first time in more than 50 years that a coal mine has closed in Victoria. The Crown land at the former mine site, and the area surrounding the mine, is important to Anglesea residents and businesses, as well as the wider community.

Current Engagement - Land Use Scenarios

The Victorian Government, together with Surf Coast Shire and Parks Victoria, have prepared a Land Use Scenarios Discussion Paper for community engagement. Feedback on land use scenarios will inform the preparation of the draft Anglesea Futures Land Use Plan, which will be released for comment later in 2017.

The discussion paper can be viewed online at:

We are asking the community and other stakeholders to tell us your preferred land use scenario for different parts of the study area. Please follow the following steps:


Read the Discussion Paper including the land use groups


Consider the location and attributesof areas identified as being subject to land use change


Consider the land use/s you prefer for each area


Indicate your preferred land use/s for each area through the on-line survey or written submission

How to be involved:

From 18 August to 11 September 2017, you can be involved by.

  • completing the on-line survey:
  • registering for a community workshop (20 August 2017)
  • visiting the open house (27 August 2017)
  • making a written submission (by email or post)

For further information on how you can be involved in the current engagement on land use scenarios, please visit:

Workshop (to create land use scenarios with other members of the community)

Sunday 20 August, 10am - 1pm
Anglesea Memorial Hall, 1 McMillan St, Anglesea
RSVP to attend:

Open House (to view community scenarios and talk to the project team)

Sunday 27 August
Drop in at any time between 10am – 2pm
Anglesea Senior Citizens Centre, 1 McMillan St, Anglesea
Anglesea Futures community conversations are being coordinated by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Surf Coast Shire and Parks Victoria.

Overall engagement

Community engagement to inform the preparation of the Anglesea Futures Land Use Plan is part of the Anglesea Futures Community Conversations.

Below is an outline of the preparation timeline for the Anglesea Futures Land Use Plan.


For further information on previous engagement activities and a summary of prior feedback, please visit:

Conversation series

The Anglesea Futures Community Conversations series commenced in August 2015. The series is coordinated by DELWP, Surf Coast Shire Council and Parks Victoria and seeks to provide a forum for community discussion and feedback on a range of issues. These issues  include future land use, protection of the Anglesea Heath, management of the Anglesea River and the long term vision for the Anglesea Region.

In 2016 the series focused on understanding the predicted changes to the physical character and ecological, social and economic values of the Anglesea River estuary resulting from the closure of the power station. Options to manage the predicted change were widely discussed.

This year the conversation series is focused on the future use of the Anglesea power station, coal mine and the Anglesea Heath.

Read our fact sheets about Angelsea Futures

Land Use Plan

A Land Use Plan is being prepared to provide a framework for re-use of the Anglesea Futures study area to the north of Anglesea, including the former power station and mine. The Land Use Plan will identify potential future land uses on private and public land (Crown land), including land currently leased by Alcoa. Being a high level strategic document, the land uses identified in the plan will be broad (not specific to an individual activity or business). This enables flexibility within parameters and reflects the approach in the Planning Scheme where different areas are zoned for compatible and similar purposes.

The Land Use Plan will include: vision and principles, description of land uses, a map of future land uses and proposed implementation actions. The Land Use Plan will inform future decisions on activities, management, protection and any development on the land. Its implementation may include subsequent changes to the Surf Coast Planning Scheme, the Anglesea Structure Plan as well as detailed design, masterplans and approvals to realise the preferred land use(s).

The Land Use Plan is being prepared by the Victorian Government’s Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Surf Coast Shire Council and Parks Victoria, in consultation with other government departments and agencies including the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR), the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), Barwon Water (BW), Corangamite Catchment Management Authority (CCMA) and other agencies as required.

Management of the Anglesea River – Summer 2016/17

Over the 2016-17 summer period the water levels in the Anglesea River were maintained to ensure adequate water levels for social, economic and environmental benefits. The trial was successful with water levels maintained around 1.3m AHD over summer and water quality within agreed parameters.

The short-term option will continue to operate until a long-term management solution is developed. The release of Alcoa’s mine closure plan later in 2017 will inform an appropriate long- term option for the management of the Anglesea River.

Read our fact sheets about Angelsea Futures

The Anglesea Heath

The Victorian Government has committed to incorporating the Anglesea Heath into the adjacent Great Otway National Park.  More than 6,510 hectares of Anglesea Heath will be added to the national park thanks to the early surrender of land by Alcoa. Legislation to incorporate the Heath into the National Park was introduced into Parliament on 6 June 2017.

The Anglesea Heath is a unique haven for native flora and fauna and is home to approximately a quarter of Victoria's plant species including:

  • More than 100 species of orchid, making it one of the most orchid-rich sites in Australia
  • 20 species of flora that are rare or threatened at the state level
  • 8 species of flora that are rare or threatened at the national level

The Heath is also home to the Powerful Owl, Crimson Rosella, Rufous Bristlebird, New Holland Mouse, Swamp Antechinus and Swamp Skink.

Guiding Principles

The State Government, Surf Coast Shire and Alcoa in conjunction with the community have developed a set of guiding principles to inform conversations on a range of issues including future land use, water, planning and provide a framework for decision making.

  • Value and complement the natural environment
  • Support a diverse range of future uses and outcomes
  • Honour the various cultural and heritage values of the area
  • Compliment the future of the Anglesea Region
  • Provide a safe and stable landform for future uses

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