The Victorian State Government has released its Anglesea Futures Land Use Framework (PDF, 4.1 MB) for the future of the former Alcoa coal mine and power station site in Anglesea

This situation presents an exciting opportunity to plan for the future use of public and private land within the study area. Considering its size and natural attributes, the study area has significant potential to benefit the environment, the economy and the community. Planning is essential for this area to continue to play a pivotal role in the future of Anglesea and the wider region.

Being the first step, the Framework sets the direction for future land use. It does not rezone land nor approve any development; future implementation actions will include detailed proposals and consideration of planning approvals which will include public consultation.

The Framework has been informed by site attributes, relevant policy/strategies and stakeholder and community engagement. The Framework includes changes from the Anglesea Futures Draft Land Use Plan (PDF, 4.6 MB) that was released in December 2017 for consultation.

Responding to the environment and the community, the Framework supports conservation for the vast majority of the study area as well as active recreation, eco and adventure-based tourism.

The Framework supports new tourist facilities on private land that will support local employment and businesses throughout the year, while contributing to the regional economy. While it supports limited rural living, the Framework does not support residential urban development or a change to the township boundary in response to community concerns and potential impacts.

New land uses are focused on areas that have been heavily modified by the former mine and power station. Areas will be opened up for the community and visitors for the first time in fifty years, with opportunities for improved infrastructure, facilities and trails to support recreation and people engaging with the environment.

Next steps

The Framework guides the future, it does not rezone any land nor approve any development, which will need to go through standard planning processes, including public consultation.

Standard processes include the appointment of an independent panel to consider objections to proposed amendments to the Surf Coast Planning Scheme, which includes applications to rezone private freehold land.

As a first step in facilitating the implementation of the Anglesea Futures Land Use Framework, the Minister for Planning prepared and approved Amendment C129 to the Surf Coast Planning Scheme in August 2019 which introduced a local planning policy for the ‘Anglesea Northern Hinterland’ to guide land use and development in this environmentally sensitive area.

The timing of any future proposals is dependent on the land owner. Any future proposal would need to demonstrate that it responds to the relevant policy (including the Framework) and responds to the site and its context.

Anglesea Futures community conversations

Following the closure of the mine and power station north of Anglesea in 2015, the Anglesea Futures Community Conversations was established by DELWP, Surf Coast Shire Council and Parks Victoria as a forum for community discussion on a range of issues including future land use, the heath, and water.

A range of community engagement phases and community input has occurred since the Anglesea Futures Community Conversations series commenced. Feedback during engagement activities was captured and summarised.

In June 2018, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) released the Anglesea Futures – Summary of Feedback - Draft Land Use Plan and Engagement Report (PDF, 1.1 MB).

Its release is consistent with the Government’s commitment to share a summary of feedback following each round of engagement.

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