The report provides information required for the management of Victoria’s forests and helps ensure the right decisions are made about how these important natural assets are managed. For the first time, the State of the Forests 2018 Report was prepared and issued by the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability. This decision was made to increase the independence of the report’s findings. The previous State of the Forests reports have been issued by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, and its predecessor.

Highlights of the 2018 State of the Forests Report include:

  • A stronger scientific base providing the most rigorous State of the Forests Report to date.
  • Approximately 80 per cent of indicators have either fair or good data for their assessment of status or trends.
  • Victoria remains the only state to have a dedicated, permanent forest monitoring program, which delivered its first complete assessment of forest health and condition across state forests, national parks and reserves.
  • Initial application of the United Nations System of Environmental Economic Accounting to more accurately assess the benefits and costs of assets like forests, and an outline of data requirements to inform a future set of environmental-economic accounts for Victoria.
  • A 5 per cent increase in the total number of registered Aboriginal cultural heritage sites on public land.
  • Total forest cover has increased by approximately 100,000 hectares.
  • The formal protected area network has increased by over 8,000 hectares, as well as increasing areas for tourism and recreation, and increasing visits to protected areas.
  • A significant net increase in the area of native forest regenerated after harvesting in 2016-17 as compared to previous years.
  • Carbon sequestration from Forest Management activities has increased.
  • Approximately $24 million has been spent on research and development over the reporting period.
  • A significant investment in the Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) modernisation process.

Read the full report:

State of the Forests Report 2018

State of the Forests Report maps

How to reference this report

Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability (2018)

Victoria’s State of the Forests Report 2018. Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability, Victoria, Australia.

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