We're responsible for the conservation of flora and fauna, protection of water catchments and water quality, the provision of timber and other forest products, the protection of natural assets, protection of archaeological and historic values, and the provision of recreational and educational opportunities.

Victorians expect that our unique forest ecosystems will be protected for current and future generations to enjoy, while continuing to satisfy our need for products supplied from sustainably managed forests. We are committed to achieving sustainability in forest management through participation in national and international agreements and conventions.

Sustainability Charter for Victoria's state forests

The Charter sets the direction for DELWP and VicForests to achieve sustainable forest management including the vision and objectives for sustainable forest management.

Sustainability Charter for Victoria's state forests (PDF, 530.8 KB)
Sustainability Charter for Victoria's state forests (DOCX, 21.2 KB)

The Sustainable Forests (Timber) Act 2004 provides for the development of a Sustainability Charter.

The Act states that the Sustainability Charter must set out objectives, consistent with the National Principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development, for the sustainability of both forests and the timber harvesting industry.

Victoria's performance on progressing these objectives will be monitored through the Framework of Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management in Victoria and publicly reported through the five yearly release of Victoria's State of the Forests Report.

Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management

Victoria's Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management are consistent with the Montréal Process and are aligned with Australia's regional indicators of sustainable forest management.  Performance against each indicator is reported on a five yearly basis through Victoria's State of the Forests Report.

To meet the requirements of the Sustainable Forests (Timber) Act 2004, criteria and indicators for the sustainable management of Victoria's state forests have been developed by DELWP with the assistance of key experts, government partners, and in consultation with the community. The community and industry is entitled to scientifically robust and transparent information about Victoria's state forests. Victoria's sustainable forest management indicators will provide a framework for state forest monitoring and information reporting activities undertaken by DELWP. The outcomes will complement and inform other sustainability initiatives currently operating at various scales within Victoria and Australia.

Victoria's criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management are consistent with the criteria defined through the Montreal Process (1995), and complement the Framework of Regional (Sub-National) Level Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management in Australia. The 45 indicators will inform Victorians on progress toward sustainable forest management.

Performance against each indicator will be reported on a five yearly basis through Victoria's State of the Forests Report. It is expected that the criteria and indicators will be periodically reviewed to ensure the continued supply of accurate and relevant information for sustainable forest management.

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