Hanging Rock is renowned for its importance to the First Peoples, it's dramatic geological form and wider landscape setting within the Macedon Ranges.

Throughout history, the rock has been known as an iconic place to gather and reflect.

A place of mystery and intrigue.

This unique rock formation found in only two places in the world attracts thousands of visitors yearly from the local area afar.

While this is great for tourism, the site is under increasing visitor pressure. The Hanging Rock Master Plan aims to protect these cultural and environmental values while improving the visitor experience so future generations will be able to enjoy this special place for years to come.

The site has seven distinct areas; Visitor Arrival, Songline Picnic Area, The Western Picnic Area, Smokers Creek Conservation Area, the Major Events Space, the Northern Woodlands, and the Rock Formation itself.

Visitors will experience views of the rock as they approach.

At the new visitor center, a new world class facility designed to sit within the landscape will introduce visitors to the rich culture and history of Hanging Rock.

Visitors of all ages can enjoy accessible pathways that meander through the precinct.

The Songline Trail Network will connect areas of cultural and environmental significance.

There will be picnic and barbecue facilities and fishing access points.

Grassy woodland and ephemeral wetlands will connect woodland to the north with the Smoker's Creek Conservation Area.
Here at the gateway to the rock walk, visitors will be greeted with art and interpretation installations that set the scene for their experience of the hike ahead.

Additional seating encourages visitors to pause and reflect on their surrounds and provides a natural setting for picnics and smaller gatherings.

Environmental, ecological and cultural measures will ensure long term protection of the rock.

The southern end of the site will be extensively re-vegetated to its natural state, creating environmental and cultural trail experiences.

The Northern Woodlands will be protected and rehabilitated, strengthening ecological corridors through the site.
Events link the community to the site and raise revenue, contributing to site maintenance and improvement.

The upgraded event space will continue to host a limited calendar of major events.

Bi-annual horse racing events will continue and the main straight of the track will be available for specialist events.

All elements of the plan combine to protect the site from overuse while improving upon a unique and rich cultural visitor experience.
Hanging Rock is a special place that will continue to bring people together.

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Page last updated: 18/08/23