The Safety on Public Land Act 2004 (Section 4(1)) creates a provision to declare public safety zones in state forests.

The intent of public safety zones is to:

  • Protect flora and fauna to allow rehabilitation of a site in a heavily used area. Allow for forest regeneration following a bushfire or other disturbance.
  • Protect water, soil, natural, cultural or historical values by restricting access to water supply infrastructure. minimise soil erosion following heavy rainfalls. Restrict vehicle traffic to a historic mine or other place of significance.
  • Manage public recreational activities by restricting access to allow preparation for public events. This may include car rallies, music festivals or orienteering events.
  • Protect sites where scientific or research investigations or educational activities are being conducted.
  • Allow the orderly and safe management of fuel reduction and fire suppression activities.
  • Protect sites where scientific or research investigations or educational activities are being conducted.

For current Public Safety Zones, please visit our Forest and road closures page.

MapShareVic is an interactive platform that provides maps and information of current road and track closures on public land, including state forests and parks.

Catastrophic Fire Danger

State forests and parks will be closed when Catastrophic Fire Danger days are declared. The latest information or updates on Catastrophic Fire Danger days and closures can be found at Parks Victoria or Vic Emergency.

Planned Burning and other fuel reduction activities

We are responsible for the declaration of public safety zones for planned burning and fuel reduction related actives. Public access is not allowed within a planned burn or other fuel management work area, ancillary works associated with these areas or within the 'safety exclusion buffer zone'. The safety exclusion buffer zone is a 150 meter buffer around these areas.

Our Joint Fuel Management Program outlines where planned burns and other fuel management activities are planned.

Timber harvesting safety zones

Active timber harvesting coupes are hazardous work sites that must be managed for safety. Public safety risks occur when unauthorised persons enter timber harvesting areas.

Everyone has the right to work safely and the government has introduced measures designed to deter unauthorised entry into timber harvesting areas.

On 28 May 2014, amendments to the Sustainable Forests (Timber) Act 2004 came into effect. The Sustainable Forests (Timber) Act provides for the establishment of timber harvesting safety zones.

Page last updated: 06/09/22