Department of Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) Senior Riparian Investigator, Brian Gamble, said DELWP officers will be inspecting a series of water frontage licences and Crown land parcels along Gunbower Creek and its lagoons over the next few weeks.”

“The inspections will allow our officers to meet licence holders to ensure everyone is doing their part in keeping our precious riparian land along Gunbower Creek healthy for the whole community to enjoy,” Mr Gamble said.

“Inspections will take place in the Torrumbarry/Patho region of Gunbower Creek. These inspections are a continuation of the first phase of assessments conducted in 2016.

“We will work with land owners to ensure they adhere to licence conditions and so we can focus on protecting the environment and improving water quality in the Gunbower Island area.

“Minor breaches to licences and other associated activities may seem insignificant but collectively they lead to significant long-term detrimental impacts on ecosystems including decreased water quality in Gunbower Creek and adjacent Gunbower State Forest.

“Taking care of the riparian land along Gunbower Creek and its lagoons is vital so it can support the environmental, social, cultural and economic values it provides to the community.

“DELWP have undertaken some weed and rubbish removal on unlicensed Crown land, we manage, along Gunbower Creek in recent years.

“By properly maintaining riparian land, particularly Crown frontage, it improves the health of waterways which means improved water quality and reduced health risks to the community.

“Gunbower Creek also provides an important economic function in delivering domestic and irrigation water to surrounding communities and the dairy industry. Therefore, maintaining high water quality is paramount to the community and its economic health.

“In recent months, licence holders have been doing their part to clean up their properties. Some landowners have gone above and beyond their licence conditions with amazing results.

“We have seen major clean ups including the removal of large amounts of rubbish and personal items from the Crown water frontage.

“By working together with landholders, the North Central Catchment Management Authority, Local Government and water authorities. We are ensuring the ongoing protection and sustainable use of Gunbower Creek.”

Page last updated: 27/07/20