The current National Parks Regulations 2013 are made under section 32AA, 37 and 48 of the National Parks Act 1975. These regulations replaced the National Parks (Park) Regulations 2003 and the National Parks (Cape Howe Marine National Park) Regulations 2006. They provide for the preservation and protection of the natural and cultural heritage values of the parks within the meaning of the Act, including national parks, state parks, marine national parks and coastal parks. In summary, the regulations prescribe activities relating to:

  • preservation and protection of flora and fauna
  • protection of structures and park facilities
  • protection of water supply catchment areas
  • safety, enjoyment, recreation and education of visitors
  • proceedings of the National Parks Advisory Council and other advisory committees
  • fees and charges for the use of park services, facilities and goods
  • conditions for various approvals under the Act.

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Page last updated: 09/05/19