An important opportunity to influence the future management of our forests

Over the next four years, DELWP will be partnering with Traditional Owners and engaging with Victorian communities and stakeholders to inform modernisation of Victoria’s RFAs and the forest management system they accredit.

And we want to hear as many voices as possible.

We will also be updating our assessments of forest values, including:

  • environmental values
  • indigenous values
  • social values
  • economic values, and
  • ecosystem service values.

We will use the outcomes of our engagement and assessments processes to inform the modernisation of Victoria’s RFAs and to update Victoria’s forest planning and regulatory framework, to ensure they provide for sustainable forest management for the future.

To see the program overview, progress and next steps and everything you need to know about this modernisation process regarding the future of our forests, please visit our future of forests site.

To register your interest in being involved in this process contact

Page last updated: 26/06/19